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PHM History

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1 . October 2006 set up Pengde machinery factorythe main sales agent mortar pump, mortar pump, steel processing machinery and other construction machinery and equipment

2. In 2009 our company in order to expand the scope of business, leasing large plant began to develop and produce automatic stirrup bending machine

3. In 2012, it launched the PD series of fully automatic steel bending machine, PD5-12A, 12C, 12D and 12S.

4. Peng Hao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in April 2013 with a registered capital of 9.6 million.

5. In March 2014, we established a technology research and development department, focusing on the research and development of fully automatic steel bending hoop machine. From pre-sales to after-sales service to every 


6. In November 2014, we launched the "Develop" series of fully automatic steel bar stirrups. The new appearance and bevel design are more in line with operating habits. The new operating system makes it easier for customers to use the products.

7. In 2015, it increased its business scope and started to sell steel wire processing machines such as thread rolling machines, reducing machines and straightening and cutting machines

8. In November 2015, an international department was established to start the import and export business

9. In October 2016, it purchased land in Longyao County and started preparations for the construction of its own factory workshop.

10. In November 2017, the construction of the first batch of factories was completed and the company relocated from Renxian to the present factory address Longyao County