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PHMTOOLS - The Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine That Can Save You a Huge Paycheck
  • Use our PHMTOOLS Automatic stirrup bending machine opportunity to save you a huge salary. 
  • One machine replace 15 labors, one day can save 2000USD, 10 day you can save the salary to buy one machine.
  • The fastest speed can upto 3.7s per piece.can process 1900-2500pcs(double wire) stirrups for one hour, the speed Is very fast.
  • Productivity is high, quite 20-30 artificial.The equipment use is strong, just one person operation, save a lot of artifical.

1. The special structure design, easy to deal with ribbed bars straightening, straightening ribbed bar does not injury.

2. Curve reinforcing bar staightening mechanism improves the straightening effect of steel bar and prevents the axial torsion of reinforcing bar.

3. Vertical straightening mechanism, each steel bar can be individually straightened to ensure the straightening quality of the steel bar.

4. All roller are made of high quality alloy steel, high hardness, good wear resistance, improved service life.

5. Close to the corner of the steel molding machine to control the steel bar, in order to ensure the quality of bending.

Single wire(mm): φ5-14mm round bar /5-14 rebar  Pieces Processed: ≤2
Double wire(mm): φ5-10mm round bar /5-10 rebar  Power equipment: 28.5kw
Max bending angle: ±180° Steel processing shape: 500types
Maximum towing speed: 75m/min Working temperature: -5℃~40℃
Maximum bending speed:: 1000°/sec Total weight: 2200KG
Length accuracy: ±1mm Size of Host Machine: 3560*1080*2030mm
Average power: 5kw/h Device color: customized
Maximum length  of stirrup side: 1500mm Minimum length  of stirrup side: 50mm

Steel bars can be processed into various angles and radius used to construction, such as triangle, quadrangle, pentagram, ring, many other polygons, etc.




  • It can process maximum 14mm rebar.
  • Bi-directional bending
  • can process 500 kinds of graphics
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