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Application of CNC hoop bending machine in steel bar processing.

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The CNC hoop bending machine adopts computer control, and the hoop bending machine automatically straightens, bends and stirrups the steel bars, and cuts them off. It needs to be processed according to the processing requirements of the external dimensions of the parts, according to the tracking processing of the graphics, but the starting point and the end of the track entered, which requires our track interpolation, which is the pivotal data of the starting point and the ending coordinate value on the track Find out the intermediate coordinate value series and output data, so that the bending hoop machine can better complete the processing of steel, or accept one or more input devices to send the NC program through the NC logic circuit or system software compilation, arithmetic and logic processing, Output all kinds of information and instructions, control the work of the machine in each part, and its prescribed orderly movement and walking.

Application of CNC hoop bending machine in steel bar processing.

Bending and shearing mechanism: Driven by the servo motor at the entrance, the bending arm rotates and scales at the paste speed, and the paste-speed shearing operation of the cutting mechanism is completed, and the bending accuracy is confirmed. The CNC hoop bending machine can design up to 60 angles and profiles of graphics, can store tens of thousands of different products and store graphic libraries, and mass-produce so many graphics.

Application of CNC hoop bending machine in steel bar processing.

CNC hoop bending machine straightening system features: horizontal and vertical straightening wheels, two sets of automatic adjustment combined with 4 traction wheels, imported servo motor drive, hoop bending machine does report straightening steel to achieve high accuracy. Fault detection and alarm functions of the control system. In order to save labor, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the processing accuracy of steel bars, and realize the standardization of steel bar processing, the Nanjing Metro Project applied CNC hoop bending machine equipment to process the entire line of steel bars in combination with the actual situation.

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