CNC Horizontal Lathe Machine CAK80135

The integral flat bed integral casting structure. Bed, bed, bed saddle, bed legs, etc. are found in resin sand casting, overall stability.
  • CAK80135

CNC Horizontal Lathe Machine CAK80135


  • The integral flat bed integral casting structure. Bed, bed, bed saddle, bed legs, etc. are found in resin sand casting, overall stability;

  • Bed guideline super audio quenching, bed down and skateboard guide bonding surface adopts "plastic" treatment, mobile components can realize trace feed to prevent crawling;

  • The feed system adopts servo motor, precision ball screw, high rigid precision composite bearing structure, accurate positioning, high transmission efficiency;

  • High spindle speed, wide speed range, low machine noise, main transmission four-speed variable speed converter motor to achieve mileging in the file;

  • The appearance protection design is novel and unique, waterproof, antiboda, convenient for maintenance;

  • The follow-up manipulation box is convenient for the operator to close the knife;

  • It is equipped with a centralized lubricator to enforce automatic lubrication of ball screws and angelica joint surfaces, which can effectively improve the dynamic response characteristics of the machine and the service life of the lead rail rail;

  • The tool holder has a vertical four-station, a vertical six- station, a horizontal six station, a quick cutting frame, etc.

  • Accordling to user requirements, manual, pneumatic, hydraulic chuck manual, pneumatic, hydraulic tail seat;

  • The control system has internationally renowned brands such as GSK, Fanuc, Siemens.


Automatic CNC lathe is an automated machine tool with a program control system, and a numerical control device is input by an information carrier, which solves the problem of complex, precision, small batch, and multi-variety.


CNC system

The factory is standard(GSK), or it can also be selected, and the control system such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, New Wns.


Knife holder

Four station electric tool holders, optional six-position/eight-station tool holder, fast changing speed, high positioning accuracy.


Triad chuck

The machine tool can be equipped with three claws, four-claw, large clamping range, fast assembly speed.



The tail seat sleeve is high frequently, and is carefully grinded and is not easy to wear.


Support customization

Entity manufacturers, provide custom services

Multiple models, welcome to factory test machine