Professional CNC Horizontal Lathe Machine Manufacturer - PHMTOOLS
Save you a lot of labor.
  • The integral flat bed integral casting structure. Bed, bed, bed saddle, bed legs, etc. are found in resin sand casting, overall stability;
  • The appearance protection design is novel and unique, waterproof, antiboda, convenient for maintenance;
  • The follow-up manipulation box is convenient for the operator to close the knife;
  • It is equipped with a centralized lubricator to enforce automatic lubrication of ball screws and angelica joint surfaces, which can effectively improve the dynamic response characteristics of the machine and the service life of the lead rail rail;
  • The tool holder has a vertical four-station, a vertical six- station, a horizontal six station, a quick cutting frame, etc.
  • Accordling to user requirements, manual, pneumatic, hydraulic chuck manual, pneumatic, hydraulic tail seat;
  • The control system has internationally renowned brands such as GSK, Fanuc, Siemens.
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