PHMTOOLS Automatic stirrup bending machine for sale
Automatic stirrup bending machine is an extension of the steel bending machine duo to its multi-functions. It is integrated steel processing equipment with straightening, bending and cutting functions. Therefore, steel bars can be processed into various angles and radius used to construction, such as triangle, quadrangle, pentagram, ring, many other polygons, etc. Our PHMTOOLS Automatic stirrup bending machine for sale is very popular with our clients at home and abroad for its features of high efficiency, precise cutting, fast speed and low price with high quality.
PHMTOOLS Automatic stirrup bending machine Video
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  • The fastest speed can upto 3.7s per piece.can process 1900-2500pcs(double wire) stirrups for one hour, the speed Is very fast.
  • Productivity is high, quite twenty to thirty artificial.The equipment use is strong, just one person operation, save a lot of artifical.
One machine replace 15 labors, one day can save 300USD, one month you can save the salary to buy one machine.
PHMTOOLS Develope No.3 Automatic stirrup bending machine Video
  • Compared with the advantages of similar products: our company digestion and absorption of advanced European technology, CNC rebar stirrup bending machine with independent intellectual property rights is a set of R & D, straightening, bending and shearing of three kinds of functions together, using digital program control, steel processing and special equipment for bending various shapes, the machine can also double bending reinforcement, high production efficiency, convenient adjustment, by users of all ages.
Is widely used in construction project. Our machine can make more than 500 shapes.