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Parameter setting skills of steel bar hoop bending machine

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There are several items that need attention in the parameter setting of the steel bar bending machine:

1. Bending speed: 100 is the highest speed, and the value can be adjusted appropriately according to the size of the stirrup. If the size of the stirrup is too large, the speed value should be reduced when bending the corner, otherwise it will appear due to inertial factors. The resulting stirrup deformation.

2. After the automatic operation of the CNC steel bar bending machine is normal, put the steel bar for trial production, and measure whether the produced steel bar meets the requirements of the drawing. If it is unqualified, you can correct the compensation parameters of the production graphics on the screen until Qualified products are produced, and then mass-produced.

Parameter setting skills of steel bar hoop bending machine

3. Feeding speed: 100 is the maximum speed, which is generally set to 100, and can also be adjusted according to the actual situation.

4. "Length A": Length A is the length of a side of the stirrup. This side length needs to be the actual length of the small hook plus 100mm. If the actual length of the small hook is 60mm, the length of this side should be set to 160mm.

5. When the latter side length stretch is turned on, the value should be set to a negative number, such as "-60".

6. Continuous work from formula 1 to formula 3. In order to facilitate the continuity of the work, the parameters of the three formulas can be set in sequence. After setting, click "√" to confirm the call, and input the number of processing, the system will automatically process the products of formula 1 to formula 3 in sequence.

7. Length compensation and angle compensation. If there is an error in the length or angle of the processed stirrup, it can be corrected by length and angle compensation, and the increase is a positive number, and the compensation in the opposite direction is a negative number.

Finished products of CNC steel bar bending machine

When we operate the CNC steel bar bending machine in daily life, we should insert one end of the steel bar bent by the steel bar bending machine into the gap of the fixed pin of the bending machine turntable, and the other end is close to the fixed pin of the fuselage, and press it tightly by hand. Before starting, it must be confirmed that the fuselage pins are placed on the side blocking the steel bars before starting work.

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