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The principle, operation and advantages of CNC bending machine.

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The CNC hoop bending machine adopts a non-pneumatic design. It is a pure electric CNC steel hoop bending machine, which avoids the shortcomings of the pneumatic system from the source, such as air leakage, fear of freezing, and frequent water discharge. Apart from the power configuration, there are no other requirements for the factory environment. This equipment can process and shape the coiled steel bar at one time, and can be processed into the shape of fixed-length straight steel bar, single-head curved steel bar, open and closed (stirrup) steel bar. The guide height can be adjusted through the pay-off frame to suit the height of various coils; it is suitable for placing cold and hot-rolled coil steel bars. The multi-functional bending mechanism can be equipped with seven kinds of molds, which can bend stirrups with a small side length of (100×100) mm. The multi-functional concentric bending mode can also realize the short side of bending 180 degrees and 30 mm. Two high-precision detection sensors are installed in the bending telescopic action, which ensures the complete reliability of the action.

The principle, operation and advantages of CNC bending machine.

Advantages of hoop bending machine equipment

The whole machine adopts a dust-proof closed design, which is not only safe to operate, but also prolongs the service life of equipment parts by 50% year-on-year. The split fixed knife design does not need to be replaced as a whole, which is convenient for maintenance and reduces the cost; the fixed knife can be used on both sides, which improves the service life; the four-sided movable knife design increases the service life by 4 times, which greatly reduces the cost. In terms of configuration, it adopts industrial computer CNC high-precision control system, equipped with LCD color graphic display, touch screen input, full numerical control setting parameters, and has the comprehensive ability to store more than 500 kinds of graphics.

The equipment is light in size, fast in efficiency, easy to transport, easy to install and other features in one. While processing stirrups, it can also process plate bars, pull hooks, etc., realizing the characteristics of one machine with multiple functions. Through the application of CNC hoop bending machine, the project has greatly improved the processing quality and work efficiency of steel bars, reduced the labor intensity of workers, greatly reduced safety risks, and realized the standardization and refinement of steel bar processing.

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