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Top 5 Bending Machine Manufacturers in 2022

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With over 45 years on the market, Accurpress continues to build on its proven history by manufacturing an innovative and complete range of bending and shearing machines for a variety of bending and shearing applications.

Proud of North American manufacturing, Accurpress leads the way with high tonnage machines, revolutionary bar bending technology, tandem machines and robotic automation. Accurpress has sold over 21,000 machines to thousands of satisfied customers and continues to manufacture bending machines and shears to meet the needs of the manufacturing environment.


Cincinnati is one of the few build-to-order machine tool builders in the United States, having delivered more than 50,000 machine tools in more than 100 years of operation. They can provide laser cutting systems, automation, bending machines, shearing machines, powder metal presses and other industrial equipment.


Xingtai Penghao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an integrated physical company engaged in the construction and sales of reinforced machinery and standard parts. Our main products are automatic stirrup bending machine, thread rolling machine, steel bar reducing machine, straightening and cutting machine and other construction machinery. In 2016 passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, CE certification. Agents have been set up in Sri Lanka and Algeria.


ALIKO has been in the mechanical engineering industry since 1978, manufacturing CNC bending machines. According to the company's public information, it has delivered more than 1,300 machines to countries such as Finland. ALIKO's strength lies in the development of new products, which are widely praised for their design and flexibility. The machinery he produces brings high quality while being expensive. Machinery produced many years ago is still on the production line.


LVD was founded in the 1950's as a manufacturer of precision bending machines and is recognized. Significant growth in the 1990s included the 1998 acquisition of Strippit, Inc., a US manufacturer of turret press equipment, and the addition of laser cutting products to its product portfolio, which established the company as a leader in laser, stamping and bending technology.

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