QTZ80(6012)-6 Topkit Tower Crane

QTZ80(6012)-6 is a best-selling model in the market now, with high cost performance.
The standard section of the tower body adopts the size of 1.6m×2.8m, which is convenient for transportation and transfer;
The independent height can reach 40.5m, and the maximum height can reach 200m;
The jib can achieve 45m, 50m, 55m, 60m. It can meet the requirements of different spaces on the construction site.
  • QTZ80(6012)-6
PHMTOOLS company main produce:  QTZ80(6012)-6 Topkit Tower Crane

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QTZ80(6012)-6 Topkit Tower Crane Features

  • The welding adopts robotic welding, which has beautiful shape and stable quality.

  • The gear of the hoisting mechanism reducer adopts the hard tooth surface grinding process, which has high precision and low noise.

  • Both the trolley and the boom pulley adopt quick installation and disassembly technology, which greatly shortens the time for maintenance and replacement of bearings.

  • The driver's cab is spacious and comfortable to operate.

  • The plate is cut by laser, with beautiful shape, high precision and small thermal deformation.

  • The hoisting mechanism has two control methods: ordinary three-speed and frequency conversion speed regulation, and the start is stable, and there will be no phenomenon of slipping and falling of the hook.

  • The frequency conversion speed regulation adds the function of hovering in the air, and the ant can be placed in place at millimeter speed, the minimum is 5mm/s, and the jog responds instantly, which can be adapted to the hoisting of current prefabricated buildings.

  • The main contactors of electrical components are all made by Schneider, and the maintenance rate is low. The installation adopts the aviation plug, which is easy to install.

  • A "bypass" button is added to the operation platform, which can be operated without removing the height limiter when jacking up and adding knots.

QTZ80(6012)-6 Topkit Tower Crane Product display


QTZ80(6012)-6 Topkit Tower Crane Product display


QTZ80(6012)-6 Topkit Tower Crane Product display

QTZ80(6012)-6 Topkit Tower Crane Packaging & Shipping


QTZ80(6012)-6 Topkit Tower Crane Packaging & Shipping

Why choose QTZ80(6012)-6 Topkit Tower Crane ?

  • We are the manufacturer,good price for you .

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PHMTOOLS company main produce: QTZ80(6012)-6 Topkit Tower Crane

(Please contact us (click here) to get more product information)

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