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What are the correct ways for daily maintenance of CNC steel bar bending machine?

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CNC hoop bending machine maintenance is divided into two forms: general external cleaning and mechanical lubrication.

General exterior cleaning operations (every 38 hours)

1. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, the original internal parts of the equipment should be cleaned first, using an industrial vacuum cleaner and an air gun provided with the machine. In addition, the control box also needs to be cleaned carefully, and the electrical components should not be damaged when cleaning.

2. At the end or start of each work shift, it is recommended to carry out a general cleaning work to remove iron scale and sundries, which can reduce wear and reduce resistance.

3. Clean the filter plate on the electric control box at least every 100 working hours or when it looks obviously dirty, and before the beginning of summer.

4. When cleaning the hoop bending machine, do not spray water or other conductive products. Do not use chemical solvents to clean the machine, you can spray a little more gas oil or brush lightly with a brush, and wipe the machine with a damp cloth.

5. The inside and outside of the equipment are clean; all sliding surfaces, lead screws, racks, etc. are free from oil and bruises; all parts are free of oil, water, air, and electricity; garbage is cleaned.

6. Clean the straightener frequently to prevent clogging. Avoid using grease to prevent solid oil residue

7. Clean the cooling fan filter (every 30 working days)

8. Please cut off the power supply of the equipment before performing equipment maintenance, replacement parts, maintenance lubrication and adjustment operations.

CNC bending hoop mechanical lubrication

1. Bending plate, bending support, telescopic connector, add butter once every 16 hours.

2. Bending the reducer, cut off the reducer, and change the oil once every 900 working hours.

3. Change the oil of the feeding gearbox every 1800 working hours.

4. Check the oil level, it must be higher than half of the transparent window, because the minimum amount of liquid will be attached to the lower part of the transparent window to give the wrong impression that the oil level is at the lowest level, and the actual oil level may be lower.

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