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What are the daily maintenance methods of CNC steel bar bending machine (2)

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Weekly routine maintenance

① Control the sanitation of electric cabinets and consoles.

② Check the tightness of the connecting bolts, and tighten them with special tools if necessary. Clean the dust from the various control components.

③ When an electrical failure occurs, the fuse and thermal contactor should be checked first, and whether the proximity switch is damaged.

④ Check whether the cable insulation is damaged.

⑤ Check the protective ground wire.

⑥ Check the air pipe joint and air circuit for air leakage.

⑦ Check the wear of the motor brake system: springs, spring tension nuts, electromagnets, movable brakes, brake discs, motors.

Monthly routine maintenance

① Check the change of the clearance of the bearing in the transmission part, and adjust it if it is loose.

② Lubricating oil in each gearbox

③ Check the oil mark to check whether the lubricating oil is in place. If the oil level is found to be low, add CKC105 lubricating oil in time.

④ Checking the oil level through the transparent observation hole can only be a reference method, because a small amount of lubricating oil may stick to the observation hole, making people mistakenly think that there is still lubricating oil, but in fact the lubricating oil may be lower than the observed oil level.

⑤Because there are more iron scales on the hot-rolled steel bars during the feeding process, weekly cleaning can reduce wear and reduce adjustment resistance.

Maintenance of purchased standard accessories

Reducer: Check the ventilation of the air hole every week, and clean the air hole in time to make the exhaust smooth.

Check the lubricating oil before the reducer is used, and add lubricating oil of specified specifications. All kinds of lubricating oil should be supplied according to the position of the oil mark, and should be replaced in strict accordance with the replacement time standard:

Special oil for reducer--2000 hours

Gear oil--5000 hours

Operate strictly in accordance with the lubrication standards, otherwise the machine will not operate normally and the lubricating performance of the structure will be affected by the solidification of the lubricating oil, thus seriously damaging the various mechanisms of the machine.

The above daily maintenance cycle is the minimum requirement, and the specific time depends on the usage of the equipment.

What are the daily maintenance methods of CNC steel bar bending machine (2)

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