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What are the installation and debugging methods of the steel bar bending machine?

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Steel bar bending machine is an indispensable cutting device in the process of mechanical engineering construction. According to the different diameters of steel bars processed by construction sites, steel processing plants, steel bar processing and distribution centers, and the materials of threaded and round steel, each model is different. After installation, it is necessary to check whether the electrical circuit and the whole machine are damaged, whether the mechanical connectors are reliable, whether the transmission parts are flexible, and the trial run can only be carried out after confirming that they are correct.

What are the installation and debugging methods of the steel bar bending machine?

Installation guide for steel bar hoop bending machine:

1. Before installing the hoop bending machine, determine the position of each component according to the requirements. Care should be taken to ensure that the self-aligning rollers and the center line of the bending hoop at the cutting edge are on the same horizontal line, and the equipment is fixed on a flat concrete floor with expansion bolts.

2. Strictly check whether the electrical circuit wiring is correct, whether the operation, jog and stop controls are correct and reliable, and check the running direction of the straightening motor, bending hoop motor and hydraulic motor.

3. Straighten the chassis, reducer, and worm gear reducer with L-AN68 mechanical oil, and hydraulic oil tank with L-HL68 hydraulic oil to fill up to the oil level line. The sliding parts use ordinary industrial machinery oil, and the racks use calcium-based grease for lubrication.

4. According to the different diameters and thicknesses of the steel bars to be processed, select the corresponding tool holder.

Debugging of steel bar hoop bending machine:

1. Put single or double-wire steel bars into the "feeding mechanism" of the threaded stirrup machine for debugging.

3. Adjust the driving wheel and the 2 rows of wheels above the longitudinal straightening system, and adjust to a suitable gap according to the thickness of the steel bar.

4. After the hydraulic motor is running, cut off the oil cylinder piston (that is, the moving cutter) and return to the waiting state. This shows that the oil pipe is connected correctly.

5. Working adjustment of hydraulic shearing: the side of the valve seat is a pressure regulating valve to adjust the cut-off pressure. When adjusting, first loosen the pressure regulating valve counterclockwise, start the hydraulic pump, then slowly adjust the pressure of the pressure valve and manually shear the device , Observe the pressure gauge on the side of the valve seat so that the working pressure is between 5.0Mpa and 6.0Mpa, and fix the locking nut of the pressure regulating valve so that the adjusting knob does not loosen.

6. Adjust the gap between the movable cutter and the fixed circular knife to 0.05-0.08mm. When adjusting, tighten or loosen the nut of the fixed circular knife, and tighten the nut after adjusting the gap. When exchanging the moving cutter, loosen the bolt and get rid of it.

7. Idling test run for 0.5 hours, the following requirements should be met during the test run:

1) The transmission system runs smoothly, without vibration and abnormal noise and noise.

2) The cutting operation is stable, and the reset is flexible and reliable.

3) The length control stroke switch device and movable plate should be sensitive.

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